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  • The jump from student to professional can be daunting, often taking longer than initially thought, going a different path from originally imagined. While SPE is a vital resource to help new graduates network with industry leaders, these opportunities only happen because of dedicated young professionals (YPs) who reach out to students during this crucial phase. Neha Po…
  • Currently a production engineer for the Texas Oil and Gas Institute, Yogashri Pradhan has been decisive in developing new initiatives right from the start of her career. Growing up in Houston, she was active in speech and debate teams in school days, which exposed her to many current events and technical details of the oil and gas industry.
  • This month’s spotlight focuses on a member who has shown a huge amount of engagement in SPE activities and embodies its ethos to transfer knowledge to the younger generation and engage with the oil and gas community.
  • Francis Oko is a petroleum engineer working at the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company as a production technologist. He is an integral part of the SPE Benin City Section and has become a prolific speaker by his participation in SPE activities. Through his engagement with SPE’s Ambassador Lecturer Program (ALP), he has organized more than 25 lectures at schools and …
  • For some members, SPE is not just a useful resource, volunteering with SPE is a way of life. This “Spotlight” article focuses on Mohamed ElSebaee, senior fracturing technical engineer at Schlumberger, who has dedicated a lot of time to volunteering and gained a wider perspective of the industry in doing so.
  • Shivam Saxena is a 23-year-old young professional working as a CETS engineer at Reliance Industries in India. Saxena’s work on the coalbed methane (CBM) project in Shahdol puts him in a rural part of central India but this has not stopped him from continuing his longstanding volunteering history with SPE.
  • Members join SPE for all sorts of reasons, but most often it is when students and engineers first experience SPE members in action and see the value they promote, a value which they themselves share. Tarang Lal, a production engineer working at Aera Energy in Bakersfield, California, is an example of this, both as someone who was inspired and inspires others.
  • One of the key features of volunteering, particularly with committees and workgroups, is that it can allow you to manage projects and teams even if you are not in a position to do so at work. You can succeed in large-scale projects amid your peers and prospective employers and showcase what you are able to do given the opportunities. And when the time is right you can…
  • SPE provides members many ways of volunteering their time to boost their skills and build relationships in the industry, but this month’s featured young professional (YP) is someone who has made this approach his regular attitude.
  • The increase in energy consumption in a region has often been shown to correlate with improvement in the quality of life there. There improvements may be attributed to many things, but on a local scale it is dedicated energy industry professionals like Pringle Egbe who make the difference.
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