2021 SPE Student Paper Contest Winners Announced

Winners of the international contests for the three academic divisions were announced during ATCE 2021.


Winners of the SPE Student Paper Contests were announced during the Student Awards Ceremony held during the 2021 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Dubai recently. Below are the winners of the 2021 contests.

Undergraduate Division


Participants of the Undergraduate Division Contest.

1st Place
Ahmed El-Agnaf, Texas A&M University at Qatar
The Effects of Ultrasonic Waves on Drilling Fluid Foaming

2nd Place
Anthony Small, Texas A&M University (Gulf Coast North America)
Practical Reservoir Simulation Aids Everyday Decision-Making

3rd Place
Jose Daniel Villero Mandon, Universidad Nacional Colombia
Type Curves Based on The Robin Type Boundary Condition for Pressure-Transient Testing in Horizontal Wells For Unconventional Formations

Master's Division


Participants of the Master's Division Contest.

1st Place
Oluwatobiloba (Tobi) Deborah Adebisi, Texas A&M University
Ionic Surfactant Blends for Enhanced Oil Recovery Process in High- Temperature Shale Reservoirs

2nd Place
Mariya Yousuf Al Shirawi, Sultan Qaboos University
Impact of Carbonate Surface Mineralogy on Wettability Alteration Using Stearic Acid

3rd Place
Dylan Marshall Crain, Stanford University
Extended Framework for Multifidelity Uncertainty Quantification in Subsurface Flow Systems

PhD Division


Participants of the PhD Division Contest.

1st Place
Debora Martogi, Texas A&M University
Micro-Scale Techniques Characterize Elastic and Fracture Properties from Rock Cuttings and Rock Fragments

2nd Place
Timothy Anderson, Stanford University
Reconstruction and Synthesis of Source Rock Images at the Pore Scale

3rd Place
Mahmood Shakiba, University of Texas at Austin
Multiscale Spatial Characterization of Fractures and Pattern Reconstruction using Ripley’s K-Function

2022 SPE President Kamel Ben-Naceur congratulated the winners during the ceremony and encouraged the PhD Division winners to explore the opportunity to build startups based on their research work. He cited a recent study which identified 3,200 new startups in oil and gas and $1 billion investment funds in the top startups. "The industry is going through strong times in terms of capability," said Ben-Naceur while applauding all the participants as winners for "having shared their research with the wider oil and gas community."