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The Way Ahead began publication in 2005 as a magazine written by and for young professionals in the upstream oil and gas industry. TWA was published three times per year. It included articles on a range of technical topics, the business of oil and gas, and career issues.

In 2016, TWA evolved from a printed magazine to this website. The content of all prior issues is included, along with content posted on a more frequent basis as part of the evolution from magazine to an online resource for students and young professionals. Content is generated and sourced by TWA volunteers, SPE staff, and guest authors.

The Way Ahead is a publication of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

The Way Ahead Editorial Board

The Editorial Board for The Way Ahead changes annually and is made up of young professionals who are volunteering their time to identify and prepare the content for this site.

Members of the editorial board and their respective employers are not responsible for the opinions, content, and viewpoints of articles appearing in The Way Ahead.

The Way Ahead Staff

Dana Otillio, VP Communications and Publisher
Pam Boschee, Director and Managing Editor, Magazines
Megan Couch, Content Manager/Editor

SPE Publications

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is not responsible for any statement made or opinions expressed in its publications.

Editorial Policy

SPE encourages open and objective discussion of technical and professional subjects pertinent to the interests of the Society in its publications. Society publications shall contain no judgmental remarks or opinions as to the technical competence, personal character, or motivations of any individual, company, or group. Any material which, in the publisher’s opinion, does not meet the standards for objectivity, pertinence, and professional tone will be returned to the contributor with a request for revision before publication.

SPE accepts advertising for goods and services that, in the publisher’s judgment, address the technical or professional interests of its readers. SPE reserves the right to refuse any advertising it considers to be unacceptable.

Copyright and Use

SPE grants permission to make up to five copies of any article from the printed publication or this website for personal use. This permission is in addition to copying rights granted by law as fair use or library use. For copying beyond that or the above permission: (1) libraries and other users dealing with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) must pay a base fee of USD 5 per article plus USD 0.50 per page to CCC, 29 Congress St., Salem, Mass. 01970, USA (ISSN0149-2136) or (2) otherwise, contact SPE Librarian at SPE Americas Office in Richardson, Texas, USA, or e-mail service@spe.org to obtain permission to make more than five copies or for any other special use of copyrighted material in this publication.

The above permission notwithstanding, SPE does not waive its right as copyright holder under the US Copyright Act.

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