Panelists address the advantages of mentoring programs for women.
Workers across the Bakken Shale have begun receiving help from displaced Ukrainians as part of the US federal government’s ‘Uniting for Ukraine’ program.
This article tracks the history of OPEC throughout its 60-year history, including major milestones in the oil and gas industry.
  • Drawing inspiration from her youth in Kuwait, this Berlin-based artist is commanding attention in the US with her work centered on a petroleum-centric culture.
  • Operators have increased stakeholder engagement by participating in proactive and continued communication with relevant stakeholders, which has led to positive unintended outcomes for operators, communities, and regulators.
  • The energy transition will create many uncertainties for the oil and gas industry. However, the world will continue to need energy from a range of sources to meet growing demand—a challenge that petroleum engineers are well-prepared to tackle.
  • We connected with Carbon Clean CEO Aniruddha Sharma to learn about his journey taking the company forward and how carbon capture is strategically important to move toward the net-zero goal. He also sheds light on the positive changes in the startup ecology that have sprung up recently as compared with the days when Carbon Clean was started. Finally, he has some pertin…
  • The article presents information for readers to understand where the EV mineral market stands, putting a special focus on the intricacies of lithium, an important mineral for EV batteries.
  • Historically, recessions have had significant, long-lasting impacts on oil demand and prices. While a recession appears unlikely in the near term, growth is slowing, and the outlook for many economies is uncertain. Oil and gas producers need to prepare for a potential downturn by focusing on managing drilling inventory and controlling costs by streamlining supply chai…
  • A quick look at how Qatar leverages its vast natural gas resources to power the growth of the country.
  • This article looks into four energy startups from oil and gas, geothermal, nuclear, and mining, and identifies common trends, notable features, and the main challenge within each field.
  • Discovery of oil and gas resources boosts a country’s economy, creates jobs, and nurtures the country’s growth and development. The success of oil and gas bid rounds over the decades has ensured that countries gain the value of their resources. This article describes the bid round process and explains how it works.
  • Over the next 30 years, the world will continue to consume fossil fuels even as consumers and industries transition to lower-carbon energy. Offshore oil and gas will be instrumental to the energy transition because of its relatively lower-carbon intensity and competitive economics.
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