A Gathering of Three Legends

Whitson, Glasø, Torp in 1978.
Source: Mathias Carlsen, SPE, Whitson.

SPE goes back in time to 1978 in this throwback photo of Curtis Hays Whitson, Øistein Glasø, and Stein Børre Torp. Whitson is the author of the SPE Phase Behavior Monograph, founder of Whitson and Petrostreamz, a petroleum engineering software company, and a pioneer in fieldwide/multisample EOS (equations of state) modeling. Glasø is known for the Glasø PVT correlations, which contain equations for estimating bubblepoint pressure, solution gas/oil ratio (Rs), and oil formation volume factor (Bo) for North Sea oils. Torp and Whitson wrote the go-to paper on the constant volume depletion) experiment.