A Student's POV: The Strength in Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in SPE


Author: Abednego Ishaya Wakili, SPE Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Student Chapter

The world is an ecosystem that houses people from many origins, cultures, and of great diversity. The energy industry is not an exception as it represents a key sector that is driven by the diversification of its workforce.

From a technical standpoint, diversity is a unique value that has led to the growth of the industry in multiple ways. Technological progress is a product of the shared efforts of people from diverse backgrounds, with varying experiences, no matter their origin, color, gender, belief system, geographical location, and more. Value remains in the technical drive.

An avenue where the energy industry has portrayed culture diversification as a tool to its continuous development is through SPE. The operational framework of SPE provides for its regions, sections, and student chapters ways to pattern its programs to fit local activities in line with SPE goals at the international level, making room for local initiatives.

In the modern era, the oil and gas industry has had to overcome and manage ever-more significant technological, economic, and environmental challenges to operate, survive, and grow. The initiative and solutions for these challenges have arisen from diverse groups of people working together within increasingly complex and uncertain circumstances. As the scale and complexity of these challenges have become more multifaceted, the importance of diversity, inclusion, engagement, and collaboration between all participants and organizations grow exponentially.

SPE's Outlook in Diversity and Inclusion; Student's POV

Abednego Ishaya Wakili is an active member of the SPE Student Chapter at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) in Bauchi, where he is studying petroleum engineering. He serves as the secretary of the chapter. Wakili was honored with the “Most Active Member Award” by the ATBU Student Chapter in 2018, and participated in the 2021 SPE Student Paper Contest for the Africa region. His most recent technical paper on Pneumatic IOR has been accepted for presentation at the 2021 Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition. Wakili is an author with the International Youth Journal, and a volunteer with the Mathematics for Life Foundation.

[The article was sourced from the author by TWA editor Bruno Rivas.]