Annual YP Workshop Held at Port Harcourt Section

The SPE Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Section (Section 103) held its annual YP workshop in May 2011. The workshop’s theme was “Social Responsibility and Ethical Decision Making”—carefully chosen to highlight the ethical challenges faced by YPs while carrying out their duties. Shell’s Chima Emelle gave the opening speech, stressing the petroleum industry’s ethical challenges. The workshop included ice-breaker events, guest lectures, and syndicate discussion sessions. Shell’s Vincent Nwabueze described ethics as a “product of our behavior that forms the character of an individual” and stressed that YPs should not think of self first, but instead think about the responsibility they have to the environment and to their work. Other speakers included Francesco Verre, Agip; Goke Akinrinmade, Shell; and Remmy Ijoma, BJ Services.

This was followed by a movie-cum-syndicate discussion session. The movie depicted ethical dilemmas faced by workers, engineers, and managers as well as by a consulting firm. Workshop participants were asked to discuss the movie’s characters in groups and adapt some ethical and social responsibility issues raised in the movie to their particular workplace. The discussion stimulated by the movie was very enthusiastic. The workshop ended with closing remarks from Agip’s Iwo George, who commended the participation of YPs and reminded them about the importance of social responsibility to members of the petroleum industry. The workshop was also attended by student delegates from the University of Port Harcourt and Rivers State University of Technology. With the success of this event, SPE Section 103 hopes to build upon this experience and coordinate many more events at which YPs can network and further their careers in the industry.