Kamel Ben-Naceur

Nomadia Consulting

Kamel Ben-Naceur is the 2022 SPE President. He previously served as Technical Director for Management and Information on the SPE Board of Directors. He is President of Nomadia Consulting and chief economist with the ADNOC Group based in Abu Dhabi. He has more than 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and, prior to taking the position with ADNOC in 2017, was director of sustainable energy policies and technologies with the International Energy Agency. Before that, he was Minister of Energy, Industry, and Mines for the government of Tunisia. Bennaceur held several positions at Schlumberger including chief economist, vice president of technology, and vice president of CO2 solutions and services. He is an author or coauthor of 15 books and more than 120 articles. Bennaceur received degrees from the Ecole Polytechnique in France and Ecole Normale Superieure with an aggregation of mathematics.