Peloton and Texas A&M Team Up To Offer Course for Petroleum Engineering Students

Texas A&M is offering a course designed in collaboration with Peloton for students in the petroleum engineering program.

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Peloton continues its mission to empower future petroleum engineers by partnering with Texas A&M University.
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Petroleum engineering students at Texas A&M University will now have the opportunity to take a course created in collaboration between Peloton and the university.

Peloton, an oil and gas software company with decades of experience in the field, is offering the course as part of its mission to empower future petroleum engineers.

The class will focus on the role of data management and analytics in the petroleum industry. The course STAT 483 is a required part of the coursework requirements for the Certificate of Data Analytics for the Petroleum Industry, a specialized certification offered to select students within Texas A&M's colleges of engineering, science, geosciences, and Mays Business School. This program is coordinated by Dr. Siddharth Misra, SPE, associate professor and Douglas Von Gonten Faculty Fellow in the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering.

Peloton also acts as a Capstone Project Sponsor, another course offered at the college, which provides guidance and training for senior-level students. "By sharing this content, we aim to shape the future generation of petroleum engineers, providing an opportunity for students to learn from and gain experience with real-world scenarios through utilization of industry-leading software solutions. We anticipate this is just the beginning of our collaboration, and we are committed to making this university partnership a success, which is why we are working closely with the professors to provide any additional resources or support that they need," said Monty Meloche, president and COO of Peloton.

"We always appreciate when companies like Peloton want to support us in our teaching curriculum," said Dr. Misra. "When our students can interact with successful companies who are making a real impact on the industry, the lessons are more memorable and a valuable part of their learning experience."