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PetroWiki: Pay It Forward

How can you contribute to the information that will be available to our industry’s up and coming generation?

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One of the best things about SPE is our wealth of members with extensive knowledge of every industry discipline. Sharing this knowledge with our colleagues and the next generation of engineers is the cornerstone of SPE membership.

PetroWiki™ needs your help.

Founded by SPE members in 2013 to create an ever-evolving, online information encyclopedia specific to the oil and gas industry, PetroWiki™ was initially seeded with content from the Petroleum Engineering Handbook© (Lake 2007). Over the years, PetroWiki™ has become a valuable resource for young and developing engineers interested in deepening their technical expertise.

The short-form entries of wiki articles enable readers to quickly grasp the necessary information and terms vital to understanding our technology and processes.

Content on PetroWiki is continually created and updated, where articles are written in days rather than months or years. PetroWiki™ is also a live collaboration across a wide range of authors and subjects.

However, as with any online crowd sourced wiki database, PetroWiki™ can only succeed and stay relevant if SPE’s more senior members are willing to contribute their knowledge to this living encyclopedia.

With this in mind, the PetroWiki™ Steering Committee is putting out a call to our fellow members to improve PetroWiki™ by adding wiki entries on new and emerging concepts and using their expertise to review, update, and enhance the quality of our current content. Your contribution to PetroWiki will help ensure the next generation has the essential information to understand and grasp our industry’s fundamental concepts.

Adding content to PetroWiki™ is easy. Simply log in with your SPE.org login and start editing. PetroWiki™ was designed to be edited much like a standard desktop word-processing document and is very similar to adding content to Wikipedia. You can search for a term, create a new page, add to an existing page, and add references that may be missing.

Not sure where to start?

We encourage you to discover what needs work by reviewing topics within your expertise. You can modify an entry to add vital content and necessary citations. Visit www.petrowiki.org and log in using your SPE credentials to get started.

SPE was built on selfless volunteerism, and our younger members stand to benefit significantly from some of SPE’s best and brightest minds.

Please help us build a legacy and pay it forward!