Section in Focus: Lagos, Nigeria (Recipient of the SPE 2012 Outstanding Section YP Committee Most Improved Award)

The Lagos, Nigeria, Section YP Program has demonstrated significant growth since its inception in 2009, now with more than 500 members working throughout the oil and gas industry and academia. YP activities have undergone a series of positive transformations. To improve networking and collaboration between YPs in the section, four subcommittees were formed.

  • Promoting Technical Excellence—A series of technical events was held that promoted the transfer of technical skills and knowledge from older, more experienced members to YPs. One such event was “Deepwater Stimulation Challenges,” led by Oluseye Ogunshina of Shell Exploration and Production.
  • Engaging with Students—This dynamic subcommittee organized four Ambassador Lecture Program visits to various universities within the region. Student activities, which have been the section’s primary interest, composed nearly half the section’s activities for the year.
  • Communications—This team kept YPs informed with reports of events via its newsletter, which was launched in May 2012.
  • Networking —This subcommittee created a Section 61 YP Facebook site (visit!/groups/spelag61). Effective social networking among YPs and industry professionals helps create good communication channels for knowledge sharing.