SPE Kuala Lumpur Section Launches Energy Mentor Program

Mentees and Mentors of the SPE Kuala Lumpur SPE Energy Mentors Program 2021.
Source: SPE Kuala Lumpur Section

SPE Kuala Lumpur Section Young Professionals Committee, in collaboration with MattEnergy, launched an integrated mentoring program for university students and recent graduates called SPE Energy Mentor Program. The program aims to offer a unique opportunity for mentoring, coaching, and advisory services provided by young professionals to young professionals. A total of 48 people (36 mentees and 12 mentors) will participate. The mentees will be split into four different groups (Alpha, Beta, Charlie or Delta) and will interact closely with their mentors to ensure the completion of a series of tasks and projects within the next 5 months.

The program focuses on developing the next generation of energy leaders by enriching their skills, professional identity, career development, leadership/management, education, knowledge management/transfer, among others. The program and its activities will enable mentees to network with industry professionals and receive practical career advice as well as improve their soft skills. The stages of the program are program onboarding, matching, incubator day, intellectual talk/sharing, develop a project/portfolio, insightful articles, résumé clinic, and mock interview. While the main goal is to develop mentees’ oil and gas experience, other disciplines such as energy transition, emerging energies, and net-zero carbon emissions will be covered as the world and the industry adapt to new challenges.

“This platform incorporates groups of highly skilled and experienced professionals from several technical and non-technical backgrounds who will work together to furnish students and fresh graduates alike. It will also comprise a profusion of sharing sessions as well as skill enhancement workshops that may serve to prepare the young generation for the future of the energy industry,” explained the organizer regarding their aspiration and vision of the program.