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SPE Spotlight on Young Professionals: Pringle Egbe


The increase in energy consumption in a region has often been shown to correlate with improvement in the quality of life there. There improvements may be attributed to many things, but on a local scale it is dedicated energy industry professionals like Pringle Egbe who make the difference.

Egbe is a 33-year-old petroleum software engineer at CypherCrescent in Nigeria. Over the years, Egbe has demonstrated his passion and commitment in the activities of SPE with the Port Harcourt Section and the Nigeria Council. He has a keen interest in developing software and has applied his technological expertise to promote the use of social network communication for his section.  

As a professional software engineer with a specialty in advanced computing and petroleum engineering, Egbe developed a "Self-Probe Testing System" mathematical algorithm, introduced a smart algorithm for complex data analytics, and facilitated and developed a practical training program on computer programming for new hires and interns in his company. This algorithm has led to a quick and smart way of testing the performance of a software and is currently being used for testing of in-house software.

While Egbe’s algorithms help his coworkers, his service helps others outside of the industry as well. In 2013, the Pringle Egbe Foundation was created to provide educational support to orphans and the less privileged children in his local community (Abi Local Government Area of Cross Rivers State, Nigeria).

Reflecting on his own background, Egbe wanted to ensure that even those in the poorest situations could get a good education. This nonprofit organization is currently sponsoring more than 30 secondary school students and also paying the allowances of five science teachers allowing them to give extra lessons after normal school hours.

Egbe remains committed to his SPE activities, having hosted many Ambassador Lecturer Programs, Energy4me, and Train the Trainer events.

Reminiscing over the years, I have come to realize that mentoring boosts self-confidence, self-esteem, and encourages the YPs to discover hidden talents, and create and attain big goals for themselves.

Egbe has shown how a strong individual, good education, and the oil and gas industry can encourage and develop those around them. He is not only certain to inspire those around him, but by searching for better ways to train and improve efficiencies in others, he is clearly heading for great things himself.  

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