SPE Student Chapter - Mining U., Leoben, Austria


For us, the SPE Student Chapter at the Mining U., Leoben, Austria, our main task is to organize events for the petroleum engineering and applied geophysics students. We are a group of 15 students active in organizing company presentations, other presentations regarding the petroleum industry, field trips, barbecues, and other events. It is important for us to offer a wide range of events so students can get in touch with petroleum engineering professionals.

Many of the speakers are former students and recent graduates of our university. They talk about their early experiences in a petroleum company and give us the opportunity to ask questions, especially about the recruiting process and the first years at their companies. We keep in contact with the young engineers and invite them back annually.

Another way for us to keep in contact with young professionals is our newly founded Alumni Club. We send out e-mails with a list of our activities to professionals. We invite all alumni to university and chapter events so they can meet us in an informal environment. Our next goal is to start an online newspaper featuring stories and news about recent graduates and students in their final year of schooling. We want to create a link between graduating students and young graduates so experience and knowledge can be exchanged. Finally, we visit graduates from the Mining U. during field trips. It is a big advantage to know some of the engineers when organizing excursions.

Besides these activities, we try to support our approximately 200 members in other ways. We offer them technical  literature, support them in finding internships and work placement, and, of course, organize a lot of social events. Every other month we meet in a local pub to come together outside the university and have some fun.

More information can be obtained by visiting the SPE Student Chapter Leoben homepage at


The team of the SPE Student Chapter at Mining U., Leoben.


Speakers in a presentation by OMV and three chapter officers (three on the right side of the photo). Three of the five speakers are former students of the Mining U., Leoben. 


Speakers in a presentation by BP and chapter officer (standing on the right side). One of the speakers was a student at our university.