Together, Until the Last Barrel


Authors: Natan Battisti, Filipe Duarte

From inconvenience and adversity, it is possible to collect many good results; this is how the “Until the Last Barrel” initiative emerged in March 2020. This Brazilian-led group had its origins in dissatisfaction, where the gap between academics and the oil and gas industry was seen to be even wider due to COVID-19.

With this scenario, a small group of colleagues and SPE members imagined initiatives that would unite students, academia, and companies under a common goal: to reduce youth unemployment, create wealth through natural resources, and transform the Brazilian energy sector.


AUB initiative founders.

That is how today, through several platforms, “Until the Last Barrel” (also known as “AUB” per its Portuguese translation) became a group of 12 young professionals who study energy issues within the country and debate and exchange ideas in the hopes of boosting the Brazilian energy sector.

AUB is part of a project called CARO, which aims to analyze the current onshore Brazilian regulations and propose changes that could positively impact the E&P industry through flexibility and simplicity. The project has already evolved and expanded to examine the shallow-water regulations. The ANP (Brazilian oil and gas regulator) is heavily involved in the process.

Since April 2020, AUB has positively impacted the lives of Brazilian students and young professionals. Its current areas of focus are as follows:

  • AUB Conecta—Through strong partnerships with Brazilian universities and SPE student chapters, AUB is delivering formal classes focused on the energy transition and the importance of critical thinking. Similar content was extended to elementary schools through the Energy4me program.
  • Beyond O&G—An initiative that supports students and young professionals and pairs mentors and mentees as they seek to migrate to alternative job opportunities.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship—Aims to reduce the gap between young professionals and the industry by organizing networking events such as the Hackathon: Youth Onshore. This event had more than 150 students focused on solving real industry challenges experienced by seven Brazilian oil and gas companies.
  • Partnership with the Switch Energy Alliance—Helps students understand the future of energy by building a global alliance of student leaders. Armed with objective, fact-based information, students will be positioned to make informed decisions about our global energy future and to pursue energy careers.
  • In its efforts to reach a younger audience, AUB launched WattCast, a podcast covering professional journeys, diversity, and the opportunities that go beyond the oil and gas industry.

The work ahead can take the group through different and sinuous paths; nevertheless, the goal of AUB is firm: “We will push the young generation to work together until the last barrel, the last cubic feet of gas, until the last gust of wind, the last waterfall, and the last sunshine that can generate energy in a sustainable, economical, safe and reliable way so that Brazil becomes a better country, proficiently taking advantage of all current resources as a factor of social transformation.”


AUB Initiative founders who are SPE members. Battisti was a member of SPE’s UFPel Student Chapter and currently a member of the London and Macae sections; Duarte was a member of the UFES Student Chapter and currently a member of the Macae Section; Tocantins was a member of the Unisanta Student Chapter and currently a member of the Brazil Section; Klaus was a member of UFPel Student Chapter and currently a member of the SPE Brazil Section.

More information can be found on:
Instagram: @ateoultimobarril

[The article was sourced from the authors by The Way Ahead content creator Baraa Hameed Salman.]