YEPP Programs Flourishing in the Middle East


Ever since the young E&P professionals (YEPPs) presentation at the Middle East Regional Council meeting last March, there has been no looking back for young professionals working in the Middle East. There has been an increase in activities for young professionals since then in an effort to establish a strong YEPP section in many of the region’s countries.

The first activity was a YEPP introduction and presentation at the SPE monthly meeting in Muscat, Oman. The session included Ross Davidson, SPE Director of Operations, Office in Dubai, and SPE staff May Asmer and Louissa Henderson. The session saw a good exchange of thoughts and ideas on how to establish a YEPP program, why it is important in the Middle East, and what needs to be done to achieve YEPP program goals over the coming year. The SPE Oman section pledged to support YEPP programs and promised to back up any young professional initiatives during the coming year. Plans are in progress for creating a YEPP Oman board and organizing YEPP activities in the coming months.

In June, Nael Nabil Sadek of the YEPP program in Egypt and Tony Thomas, representing the YEPP program in Oman, met in Muscat to discuss the program in Egypt and putting together activities in the Middle East. The vision of YEPP programs in Egypt is: “To develop young professionals in the oil and gas industry with improved technical, interpersonal, and communication skills, so as to lead the industry into the future.” The Egypt program has defined two clear objectives for the skills development of young professionals. The first is to organize workshops, lectures, and presentations by qualified and specialist instructors on seven skills: personal development planning; career development; delivering interactive presentations; communication skills; risk assessment; quality health, safety, and environment awareness within the industry; and creative thinking. The second objective is to organize special courses in foreign languages, develop computer and technical skills, and organize social gatherings to promote networking. Currently, the team is working to put together people and time lines to achieve these targets.

The most recent event was a meeting of young professionals from Egypt and Bahrain to discuss the status of the YEPP program in Bahrain. Young professionals are working hard to establish YEPP programs throughout the Middle East to foster personal and regional development and help young professionals develop a sense of belonging.

Tony Thomas gives a presentation at an Oman SPE meeting. Asma Balushi, left, and Salima Mahruqi discuss the best way to establish a YEPP program in Oman.