Digital Transformation

A Day in the Life of: Josh Etkind, Shell Digital Transformation Manager and SPE Gaia Chair

"Digital gives you superpower...volunteering makes you a superstar," says Josh Etkind while sharing his insights on digital transformation and his vision as SPE Gaia chair.

TWA Interviews Josh Etkind

How To Get Involved With the SPE Gaia Community

Consider joining 1) the SPE Gaia Sustainability Program LinkedIn Group, 2) the Sustainable Development Technical Section, and 3) the newly created Methane Emissions Discussion Group to join the conversation and help us move the needle together.

If people would like to start their learning journey on methane emissions abatement, we’ve compiled a number of great resources:

  • The Gaia Measuring What Matters work group developed an introductory article published in the January, 2022 JPT entitled, “Global Methane Pledge: Who Ya Gonna Call?” This article is publicly available (no SPE membership required), so feel free to share it widely.

Why have methane emissions become one of the top focus areas for our industry?

What does this mean for the folks working out in the field, running production facilities, completing wells, choosing where they focus on preventative or corrective maintenance?

What role can SPE play in reducing methane emissions? What initiatives and efforts are already delivered or underway?

How can SPE members get more involved and contribute?

What tools and resources are available to help frontline engineers and leaders today?