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Ambassador Lecturer Program Visits UFPel Student Chapter

The SPE Universidade Federal De Pelotas’ (UFPel) Student Chapter was visited by a university alumni and SPE member, Natan Battisti.

Students gather for a visit from Natan Battisti as part of SPE's Ambassador Lecturer Program.
Source: Dhaiara Machida

SPE’s Ambassador Lecturer Program (ALP), an initiative run by the Student Development Committee, plays a key role in training and nurturing the next generation of engineers in the oil and gas (O&G) industry.

Young Professionals(YPs) visit universities and secondary schools in their region to help disseminate information about the industry, answer students’ questions, and share their professional experiences. The ALP assumes a central and crucial position as a bridge of interaction between university students and professionals already established in the industry. It represents more than just a performance program; it is a channel of knowledge and mutual understanding, providing a space where students have direct access to innovative and up-to-date information on the latest trends and technological innovations that are shaping the industry.

Through these presentations, students have the unique opportunity to enter the practical world of the industry, understanding not only the most advanced technologies but also gaining a broader view of possible career trajectories.

By having access to these exchanges of experiences and information from professionals who are at the forefront of the industry, students benefit from complementary and practical education that goes beyond the theories learned in the classroom. This direct connection with young experts in their fields and their real experiences fuels students' curiosity, sparks interest, and offers a more concrete and realistic overview of daily practice in this field.

Through the program, students can shape their expectations, improve their knowledge, and make more informed decisions about their future career paths. This interaction stimulates the aspiration for a successful career in the industry, motivating students to prepare in a more assertive and proactive way to face the challenges and opportunities that will arise throughout their professional trajectories.

For SPE chapters, the ALP represents a crucial link between students and industry.

The active engagement of YPs in the ALP is extremely important for the development and improvement of university students interested in the industry. These YPs act as bridges between the academic world and professional practice, sharing their journeys from the time they were students to their current positions in the industry.

By recounting their experiences, the YPs offer a more realistic view of what students can expect when entering the sector. They not only mention the successes achieved but also share the challenges and adversities faced along the way. This transparency helps students understand that the path to success is often marked by obstacles that, with determination and persistence, can be overcome.

Additionally, the YPs bring an up-to-date perspective on the changes and transformations underway in the industry. They highlight emerging trends, innovative technologies, and recurring industry changes, offering a more dynamic understanding of the future work environment students will encounter.

By sharing their valuable guidance and advice, YPs s provide practical insights into how students can better prepare for future challenges and opportunities. This interaction creates an environment conducive to learning, allowing students to absorb not only theoretical knowledge but also practical understanding about the reality of the professional field they wish to enter.

Therefore, the involvement of these YPs in ALP not only enriches students' knowledge but also inspires them, showing that it is possible to follow a successful path in the industry, even in the face of the uncertainties and challenges of the current scenario. This interaction strengthens students' understanding of the field and its future perspectives, preparing them in a more comprehensive and assertive way for their future careers.

Sharing our Most Recent SPE UFPel ALP

Last December, the SPE UFPel Student Chapter was fortunate to receive its ex-president, Natan Battisti, for an insightful session about his journey from his student days to his work in the industry. Battisti, now living and working in the UK, discussed the importance of SPE on his professional development and the critical role the organization plays by connecting students with experienced professionals and academia with industry.

Battisti presents to students at UFPel.
Source: Dhaiara Machida

The presence of industry professionals is crucial for students, who often face uncertainty and doubts about their futures in the industry. Hearing the experiences of professionals like Battisti offers clarity, inspiration, and a more practical and realistic understanding of what awaits future engineers.

At the recent meeting held in in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Battisti had the opportunity to interact with students from the petroleum engineering course, 10 years after he joined the course in 2013. The session shed light on how an alumnus can become a member of the industry, inspiring students to pursue their own goals.

These interactions have an impact on students by providing real-world examples. Listening to someone who has already walked the path you are about to embark on is an invaluable source of guidance.

We would like to thank the SPE for organizing the ALP and ask more YPs to join efforts towards running more ALPs, taking into consideration its importance to our industry and the future generations that will play a critical role in it.

In this way, we seek to have a greater number of young students engaged and with a sparkle in their eyes who aim to help develop a promising future in the energy sector. Through ALP, they can obtain knowledge and, above all, inspiration through shared trajectories to dedicate themselves to their academic and future professional careers.

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