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Nomination Deadlines Approaching for SPE Awards

Recognize your peers by nominating them for an SPE award. Act fast, as the International and Regional deadlines approach.

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Now is the time to submit nominations to recognize your colleagues.
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The deadlines are fast-approaching for the acceptance of nominations for SPE awards recognizing outstanding work in the E&P industry by your peers. Take this opportunity to nominate your colleagues for the recognition they deserve.

The International awards deadline is 15 February, and the Regional awards deadline is 1 March.

2016 SPE President Nathan Meehan shared his personal perspectives on the value of nominating a colleague for an award in a recent JPT article. He highlights the importance of taking the time to submit a thoughtful nomination.

You may wonder, 'Won’t someone else nominate people who deserve awards?' Let me let you in on a little secret. There is no nomination fairy! No one secretly goes around identifying all the worthy candidates and putting high-quality nomination packages together for them.
I have served on enough committees to know that every year we get nominations for recognition that are long past due. If your university or SPE section isn’t receiving awards for its stellar SPE members, it is probably because they are not being nominated.

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