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The University of Tulsa Announces Master of Engineering Degree in Energy Transition

The university, which currently offers a minor in energy transition, will expand its offerings with a ME degree in energy transition.

Energy engineer professionals discussion about calculating to use pure energy nature and Installing solar panels on roof house to generate electricity working with model, and Solar panel sample
onuma Inthapong/Getty Images

The University of Tulsa’s McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering announced the university will offer a master of engineering degree in energy transition. “With concerns about climate change becoming more intense, transition to different energy sources becomes more vital. It is imperative for future generations to prepare for this expansion,” said Andreas A. Polycarpou, dean of University of Tulsa’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. “Energy transition means diversification of energy sources from fossil fuels. The principles learned in this degree can successfully be applied in energy transition.”

The university currently offers a minor in energy transition which includes available courses such as fundamentals and applications of geothermal engineering, carbon capture, storage, and utilization, and sustainable oil and gas operations.

Learn more about the university’s newest degree here.