UH Researchers Develop Energy Process Apps

The free online calculators will provide industry professionals with the opportunity to make energy processes more efficient.

Oilfield derrick
zhengzaishuru/Getty Images/iStockphoto

A team of University of Houston researchers have developed a series of digital applications to make energy industry processes more efficient. Three innovative online calculators including a viscosity calculator, carbon dioxide MMP calculator, and a hydrocarbon MMP calculator are free to use for industry professionals.

Carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon gases are the most common gases used for gas injection processes. These gases serve multiple purposes, including facilitating carbon dioxide sequestration and optimizing pressure levels for maximum efficiency.

The team comprises Birol Dindoruk, SPE, the American Association of Drilling Engineers Endowed Professor in petroleum, chemical, and biomolecular engineering at UH; Mohamed Soliman, SPE, chairman of the UH Department of Petroleum Engineering; and Utkarsh Sinha, SPE, who earned a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from UH in 2018.

“We don’t want our ideas and findings to just exist on paper,” Dindoruk said. “We want our tools and techniques to be deployed and used by others to improve the efficiency of these processes.”

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