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TWA Energy Influencers 2021: Nominations Deadline 1 April

To turn the spotlight on YPs' contributions to the industry, the TWA Editorial Committee is accepting nominations for "TWA Energy Influencers 2021: Young Professionals Who ENERGIZE Our Industry.”


Dear Readers,

Since the arrival of the big crew change young professionals (YPs) are increasingly making important contributions to the industry. We see such star performers in our professional and social interactions: among our coworkers, our alumni groups, friend’s friends, and employees.

To turn the spotlight on YPs' contributions to the industry, the TWA Editorial Committee launched a new concept under the TWA banner last year: "TWA Energy Influencers: Young Professionals Who ENERGIZE Our Industry.”

The TWA Energy Influencers 2020 was a selection of 14 outstanding young professionals in the oil and gas industry whose work positively influences and inspires others. Continuing on the success of the 2020 recognition list, nominations for the TWA Energy Influencers 2021 list is now open.

Who Are We Searching for?

YPs in the oil and gas industry (under the age of 35) who have displayed excellence and integrity, or demonstrated innovation, social responsibility, sustainability, and passion for safety. This list is not exhaustive.

What Is the Nomination Process?

  1. Identify YPs who are doing outstanding work.
  2. Complete a 3-part, 15-minute, nomination form to nominate a YP whose work is having a positive impact on the process, technology, industry, community, or society, along with a brief description of the work they do and why you would like to nominate them.
  3. You can nominate a friend, colleague, client, or employee. Consider nominating individuals whose accomplishments have yet to be publicly acknowledged. Nominees should be SPE members and self-nominations from YPs are accepted.
  4. To avoid any perception of unfairness, members of the TWA Editorial Committee are excluded from the nominations.

What Is the Selection Process?

The TWA Editorial Committee will assess the submissions, evaluate the quality of the work involved, and select a final list of nominees. The selected list of candidates will be published on the TWA website as "TWA Energy Influencers 2021," with the bio of the candidates and highlights of their outstanding work. We aim to release the final list in Q2 2021.

One of the best ways to create momentum, increase influence, and articulate our industry’s role in the society is by sharing success stories. Through this initiative, we intend to drum up the good work YPs do to inspire others, in the form of a list of summaries of selected YPs, their work, and the impact it has on the industry, society, and the environment.

We look forward to receiving your support. Please click the button below to submit your nominations by 1 April 2021.


Thank you in advance for your time.
TWA Editorial Committee