AI/machine learning

SPE AI Hackathon Deadline Approaching

Register today for the SPE AI Hackathon taking place 7–9 May in Dubai.


Participants have the opportunity to participate in SPE’s AI Hackathon as part of the 5th edition of the Gas and Oil Technology Showcase and Conference (GOTECH) which will be held 7–9 May 2024 in Dubai, UAE.

The AI Hackathon is a collaborative platform for universities, organizations, and individuals to demonstrate their expertise in machine learning by predicting crucial oil and gas production logging outcomes. Participants will be tasked with predicting water and oil holdups, flow rates (Q), pressure, etc., using the provided openhole- and cased-hole logs, and other well information data.

The AI algorithm learns from one of the well’s data to build a model, tests the model with another well, and then uses the model to predict other wells' (for validation) production profiles and recommend the best location to target drilling new well(s). One of the validation wells is used for blind-test validation by the AI Hackathon Committee.

The hackathon offers prizes, recognition certificates, and potential collaboration opportunities to three winners and high-performing participants, incentivizing cutting-edge contributions to the oil and gas industry.

Submit your application by 31 March 2024. Learn more about the SPE AI Hackathon.