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TWA Energy Influencers 2021

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Young professionals are entering the energy industry when it is in a state of transition. How will it affect their career path and progression?

The ability for conventional geothermal to produce both reliable power and heating/cooling is the major differentiator from other renewable forms of energy.
Many oil and gas platforms provide critical habitat to adult and juvenile commercially valuable fisheries species. They support members of the Blue Economy, like divers and fishers, by increasing accessibility to reef habitat.
There are roles in tech companies that need extensive oil and gas background and specific experience in reservoir applications and reservoir simulation.

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  • Thirty three years in the oil and gas industry and I never get tired of watching a sunset. This photo was taken from the helideck of the Ocean Onyx mobile offshore drilling unit which is currently drilling for Beach Energy, offshore Australia. I’m looking out over the Otway Basin and the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean. How far south are we? Well if I was to get in…
  • I’m proud to share the nice celebration of a big milestone recently achieved: 100,000 b/d produced in Iara license by the floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel P-68. Congratulations to Total E&P Do Brasil and all involved. It is only the beginning of this incredible adventure.
  • Now more than ever, one of the biggest values of SPE membership is the professional networking opportunity. From personal experience, the sense of community I've found by being involved with SPE and the connections I've made along the way have been of the greatest benefit.