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Medhat (Med) Kamal is the nominee for 2023 SPE President. He and six others make up the new slate of nominees recommended for positions open on the SPE Board of Directors.
Don’t ask the talent pool if they’d like to sign up for a career as a petroleum engineer. Instead, ask them if they want to be at the forefront of the energy transition.
What will be the fate of the oil and gas industry in a lower carbon world? The analysis is complicated.
  • I’m proud to share the nice celebration of a big milestone recently achieved: 100,000 b/d produced in Iara license by the floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel P-68. Congratulations to Total E&P Do Brasil and all involved. It is only the beginning of this incredible adventure.
  • Now more than ever, one of the biggest values of SPE membership is the professional networking opportunity. From personal experience, the sense of community I've found by being involved with SPE and the connections I've made along the way have been of the greatest benefit.
  • This photo was taken in December 2018 during my PhD defense at the University of Calgary. The people in the photo from the left are Gordon Moore, Larry Lines, Farouq Ali, Thomas Harding, Raj Mehta, and Roberto Aguilera. Each of them are experts in their field. This photo means a lot to me. I truly believed in "Standing on the shoulders of giants." Interestingly, Hardi…