2018–2019 Distinguished Lecturers, Topics, Company Affiliations, and Discipline

With speakers from various disciplines and professions, the 2018–2019 SPE Distinguished Lecturer season focuses on industry trends, challenges, and technology applications.


With speakers from various disciplines and professions, the program focuses on industry trends, challenges, and technology applications. During the 2018–2019 Distinguished Lecturer season, the following topics, speakers, and technical discipline areas will be presented. For a complete schedule, please visit www.spe.org/dl/schedule.

The New Science Behind Foamed Cement

Barbara Kutchko, US Department of Energy/NETL—Drilling

A Soft Transformation Approach to Career Success

Behrooz Fattahi, The EnerTrain Institute—Management and Information

Controlling Scale Deposition: Advances in Using Technology to Preserve Production in the Oil Field

Charles Hinrichsen, Chevron ETC (Retired)—Production and Operations

Stop, Drop, and Circulate: An Engineered Approach to Coiled Tubing Intervention in Horizontal Wells

Charles Pope, Complete Shale—Completions

Resilient Projects are the Best Solution to an Uncertain World

Chris Hopper, Moving Future—Projects, Facilities, and Construction

Managing Non-Technical Risks Made Practical and Value-Driven

Christiaan Luca, Community Wisdom Partners—Health, Safety, and Environment

Reservoir and Fluid Characterization With Formation Testers: Reducing Asset Uncertainties

Cosan Ayan, Schlumberger (Retired)—Reservoir

Using Downhole Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensing Technology To Monitor, Control, and Improve Well Performance

Ding Zhu, Texas A&M University—Production and Operations

CO2 in the Subsurface—From EOR to Storage

Gary F. Teletzke, ExxonMobil—Reservoir

Global Climate Change Wars and Fossil Energy; Current and Future Realities

George Stosur, Consultant, Formerly US Department of Energy—Health, Safety, and Environment

Enhanced Production Through Surface Facilities Sand Management

Hank Rawlins, eProcess Technologies—Projects, Facilities, and Construction

NMR Logging While Drilling—From Concept to Reality

Holger Thern, Baker Hughes, a GE Company—Drilling

Autonomous Inflow Control Device: Principle, Prediction & Reality

Ismarullizam Mohd Ismail, Tendeka—Completions

Geochemical Logging: A Valuable Tool for Exploring Complex Reservoirs

Jim Galford, Halliburton—Reservoir

Enhancing Production With Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP)—Challenges and Solutions

JJ Xiao, Saudi Aramco—Production and Operations

Drilling Automation and Downhole Monitoring With Physics-Based Models

John Hedengren, Brigham Young University—Drilling

Freshwater Neutral: Managing Water Use and Giving Back to the Environment

Karen Olson, Southwestern Energy—Health, Safety, and Environment

The Unfulfilled Expectation of Horizontal Wells With Multistage Fracture Completions in Conventional Reservoirs: A Solution

Krešo Kurt Butula, Schlumberger—Production and Operations

Solving the Mystery of Low Rate of Penetration in Deep Wells

L.W. (Roy) Ledgerwood III, Baker Hughes, a GE Company—Drilling

Soft Skills for Hard Times: How To Succeed in the Industry Downturn

Lori Dalrymple, AOC LLC—Management and Information

Developing the Next Generation of Completion Engineers

Mark L. Van Domelen, Downhole Chemical Solutions—Completions

The “Fracts” of Life (Common Failure Mechanisms Associated With Fracturing)

Martin Rylance, BP Exploration—Completions

Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs; What is In and Out in Today’s Pressure and Rate Transient Analysis

Med Kamal, Chevron (Emeritus)—Reservoir

4D Seismic History Matching

Paul Mitchell, TAQA Bratani Ltd—Reservoir

Real-Time Data Acquisition and Analysis for Enhanced Production

Rajan Chokshi, Accutant Solutions LLC—Production and Operations

Fluid Imbibition—Hydraulic Fracture Flowback Dynamics

Robert Hawkes, Trican Well Service Ltd—Completions

The Exceptional Price Performance of Oil—Explanations and Prospects

Roberto F. Aguilera, Curtin University—Management and Information

Coiled Tubing Telemetry—State of the Technology

Silviu Livescu, Baker Hughes, a GE Company—Production and Operations

How To Develop a Management System To Avoid Inorganic Scale Problems

Snezana Sevic, PM Lucas Enterprises—Production and Operations

Big Data Analytics: What Can It Do for Petroleum Engineers and Geoscientists?

Srikanta Mishra, Battelle Memorial Institute—Reservoir

Well Collision Avoidance, The Way Forward

Steve Sawaryn, Consultant—Drilling

EOR From Micro-Scale to Field Implementation—Example of Polymer Injection

Torsten Clemens, OMV Upstream—Reservoir