Well integrity/control

Prior to proceeding with a contract to fulfil a rigless P&A campaign for Sasol in Mozambique, BiSN designed a field trial to prove the effectiveness of its bismuth plug technology. Although the technology had been used in 19 countries by BiSN for a variety of downhole applications, it had not yet been qualified for use in Mozambique.
Over a 10-year period, sensors monitoring the motion and loads near subsea wellheads have been mounted on more than 300 drilling campaigns. Integrity parameters were calculated to assess whether subsea conductors provided the intended amount of support during drilling operations. In several of these campaigns, loss of conductor support due to integrity issues was obse…
This paper describes the material selection methodology and corrosion studies performed in a CO2 sequestration project to optimize well costs and improve overall project economics without jeopardizing the CO2-injector-well integrity.

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