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  • A new survey has revealed a lack of training and awareness around head injuries and their possible causes. Head injury expert Chris Tidy explains why the construction industry needs to understand the risks.
  • Electrical networks of oil and gas facilities are extensively equipped with oil-filled transformers. The oil in the transformers, however, can be a major hazard to people, assets, and the environment in the case of major oil leaks or explosions. This paper will discuss common failures of oil-filled transformers and any protective measures and solutions that can avoid …
  • The civil engineering curriculum in colleges and universities across the United States needs to include information on workplace safety, argued expert panelists during a recent roundtable discussion. Panelists debated how to achieve that goal and learned about the experience of another industry that successfully tackled the same problem.
  • Continuous operation requires people to work in shifts. Ensuring safety and efficiency requires critical information to be communicated between these shifts. In 2018, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) embarked on improving its operational integrity, and shift handover was seen as one of the core elements. ADNOC Onshore worked to standardize shift handover at …