The power from the first turbine to come online will be used to help run the Gullfaks A platform in the North Sea. Seven of the 11 turbines in the field are expected to begin producing power within a year.
This research addresses the bottlenecks experienced in supply-chain management (SCM) in an African hydrocarbon company. These bottlenecks slow down processes and make the procedures tedious, leading to operational inefficiencies. This paper discusses the security of the SCM data and the overall automation of the procurement value chain, providing transparency to the s…
Divesting from fossil fuel assets makes a big statement. Its impact, however, is murkier. Selling off an asset requires someone else to buy it, which, in the case of fossil fuels, can mean breathing new capital into the exact assets companies are trying to choke. But there’s another approach: running those assets into the ground.

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