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2023–2024 SPE Distinguished Lecturers

Speakers from various disciplines and professions focus on industry trends, challenges, technology applications and advances. Scheduled DL events are in-person meetings only.

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Garrett Fowler, ResFrac

How To Leverage What We’ve Learned About Hydraulic Fractures

Kan Wu, Texas A&M University

Distributed Fiber-Optic Strain-Sensing for Hydraulic Fracture Geometry Characterization


Data Science and Data Engineering

Babak Moradi, Three60 Energy

Waterflood Optimization by Data Analytics on Mature Fields Accelerated the Field-Developing Process From Months to Weeks

Martin Storey, Well Data QA

A Survival Guide for Digital Transformation

Pallav Sarma, Tachyus

Physics-Embedded Machine Learning for Modeling and Optimization of Mature Fields



Andreas Hohl, Baker Hughes

Mastering the Challenges of High-Frequency Torsional Oscillations in Hard-Rock Drilling 

Dan Dall’Acqua, Noetic Engineering

Extending Reach, With Integrity: Successfully Protecting Casing in ERD Tubular-Running Operations 

Hussain Albahrani, Saudi Aramco

Taking Drilling Geomechanics to the Digital World and the Dynamic Drilling Environment

Jaideva Goswami, NOV Inc.

Early Kick Detection: Sensors, Data Acquisition, and Analysis

Robello Samuel, Halliburton

Steering Conventional and Unconventional Wells With Positive Displacement Motor—Advancements and Future Directions

Steve Rosenberg, Subsea Drive Corporation

Let's Challenge the Deepwater Well Design Paradigm With Casing Drilling

Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability

Flora Moon, Expressworks LLC

Regenerative Practice for Oil and Gas: Our Unique Opportunity To Be Part of the Solution

Norman Ritchie, vPSI Group LLC

New Methods for Learning From Incidents Involving Human and Organizational Performance 

Rita Esuru Okoroafor, Texas A&M University

How Oil and Gas Competencies Are Shaping Low-Carbon Energy Technologies


Derrick O’Keeffe, NOPSEMA

Surviving the Next Crisis: Building Positive Mental Health


Patricia E. Carreras, Blue Moon Strategies LLC

Are You Culturally Savvy? How To Excel in a Multicultural Industry

Projects, Facilities, and Construction

Gaojing (Melody) Cao, SLB

Surface Facilities—The Forgotten Member in Early Field-Development Planning

Productions and Operations

Dan Hill, Texas A&M University

Acid Stimulation of Carbonate Formations: Matrix Acidizing or Acid Fracturing? 

Janelle Lawer, Woodside Energy

Is Mercury Contaminating Your Natural Gas? Improved Accuracy in Downhole Analysis: A Case Study From Sand Face to Production Stream

Simon J. Sparke, International Well Integrity Ltd

Well Integrity in the Operate Phase of the Well Life Cycle—Our Role as Crime Scene Detectives


Claudia Sorgi, SLB

New Energy, New Challenges. Are Geomechanics Solutions Advanced Enough To Support the Transition Journey?

Craig Barrie, Applied Petroleum Technology

Are You Draining From Where You Think You Are? The Answer Is: Not Necessarily!

Eric Ding, International Reservoir Technologies

Hydrocarbon Miscible EOR in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs 

François-Xavier Dubost, SLB

Transforming How To Evaluate Wells and Unlock Reserves: Deep Transient Testing

Rawdon Seager, Gaffney, Cline & Associates

Carbon Capture and Storage and the SPE CO2 Storage Resources Management System (SRMS) 

Rick Chalaturnyk, University of Alberta

CO2 Geological Storage From 8 Years of Dynamic Injection at the Aquistore CO2 Storage Site

Tom Bradley, Baker Hughes

Application of Oil and Gas Subsurface Evaluation Methodology to Geothermal: The Value of Data

Torsten Clemens, OMV E&P

Production Forecasting and Decision Making in Field (Re-)Development Planning Under Uncertainty

Distinguished Lecturers are nominated by their peers and selected by the Distinguished Lecturer Committee based on the quality, timeliness, and relevance of their presentations. SPE solicits nominations from around the world to cover all disciplines.

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