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Annual Meeting Calls for Papers

Share your knowledge with professionals throughout the industry at SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.

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SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition is set for 3–5 October in Houston, and the search for papers is on. Proposals are being accepted in eight topics, each with several subtopics.

A volunteer committee will review the submitted abstracts and select the best to build an engaging technical program. The deadline to submit a proposal is 31 January.

The Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability discipline is expecting many papers to focus on the efforts to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and engage in the current global energy transition from carbon-intensive sources.

Papers accepted for the conference will be added to the OnePetro online library to be available throughout the industry and around the world.

A helpful guidance for creating an engaging technical paper can be found here. And a list of topics being included can be found here.

Submit a proposal here.