Babatunde A. Salawu

Drilling Engineering Professional Shell

Babatunde A. Salawu, SPE, is a drilling engineering professional currently working with Shell Energy Company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Ahmadu Bello University and an MS degree in well engineering and design from Robert Gordon University. Salawu is a licensed professional engineer registered with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta. He is also a certified project management professional recognized by the Project Management Institute. Throughout his career, Salawu has made notable contributions to the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He served as a lead technical resource for the Project Management Masterclass for the SPE Lagos Section. Salawu’s research interests and specialties lie in renewable energy technologies.

  • The oil and gas industry has witnessed significant advancements in downhole technology. The technical papers here offer valuable insights into these developments, exploring nonmetallic downhole tubulars, collaborative ecosystems, material selection, environmental sustainability, and mechanical evaluation, showing a promising alternative to traditional steel counterpar…
  • Corrosion is a pervasive issue that affects oil and gas production. It poses a significant threat to the safety and integrity of oil and gas equipment, and it can lead to costly repairs and downtime. Mitigating corrosion is a crucial part of maintaining the productivity and safety of oil and gas operations.