Carrie Christianson

Carrie C. Christianson is a senior geoscientist in oilfield operations for the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) where she interfaces with a diverse team of scientists and engineers to assess project uncertainties in oil and gas development, salt cavern research, and geologic CO2 storage.

Her work involves contributing to the development of geologic models of the subsurface, storage facility permit development, and other regional characterization activities in support of EERC projects. She holds B.S. degrees in geology and anthropology from North Dakota State University. Prior to her position at the EERC, she served as a Wellsite Geologist with Neset Consulting Service LLC in Tioga, North Dakota. Christianson’s principal areas of interest and expertise include subsurface characterization, drilling fieldwork and formation evaluation activities, data acquisition, geologic modeling, core description, and storage facility permit development.