David Shackleton

Head of Carbon Data Management Independent Data Services

David Shackleton, SPE, is a certified petroleum data analyst and head of carbon data management for Independent Data Services, which specializes in operational reporting and analytics. He is committed to developing efficiencies in the energy industry as the world heads toward net-zero by 2050. Shackleton holds a BS degree in physics from the University of Durham, a teaching degree from the University of Cambridge, and an MEd degree from Endicott College. He is on the Board of Directors of SPE Calgary and chairs the Petroleum Industry Data Exchange Business Processes Work Group, overseeing the Emissions Transparency Data Exchange, working to get carbon emissions into the supply chain. Shackleton also sits on the boards of the nonprofit YYC Data Society and the data science education startup Untapped Energy.

  • The perception of the petroleum industry is not currently a good one. So, if that sentiment can be measured, can it be improved? The SPE Sustainable Development Technical Section believes it can by SPE members thinking like activists yet acting like engineers. Data collection and analysis are key to determining what really matters.
  • The 2021 Geothermal Experience Datathon focused on the application of analytics and data-science tools on oil and gas well-log data to assess geothermal potential in two North American basins.