Fatai Anifowose

EXPEC Advanced Research Center Saudi Aramco

Fatai Anifowose is a research scientist at the Geology Technology Division of the Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Center, Advanced Research Center of Saudi Aramco. His career interweaves the AI aspect of computer science with the reservoir characterization aspect of petroleum geology.

  • This article explains what deep learning is and how it works and presents an example use case from the energy industry.
  • The utility of mud gas data so far has been limited to fluid typing, formation evaluation, and interwell geological and petrophysical correlation. The ongoing digital transformation has presented the opportunity to increase the utility of, and get more value from, the abundant and rich mud gas data. This article raises the question of whether getting more from mud gas…
  • HML methods have become common in recent applications. We have probably been using some of them without realizing it. It is, however, necessary to know about them in the context of understanding the underlying concepts of their methods and how they work.