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Imran Abbasy

Managing Director and CEO Pakistan Petroleum Limited
  • Engineers desperately need an alternative to acid placement through pipe, coiled tubing, or bullheading. For example, propellants have been around for years; however, their performance has not quite met the hype. Nevertheless, several case histories have been authored to suggest their efficacy; historically, some treatments have even been wildly successful.
  • The first acid job dates to 1895. Challenges remain, however, when it comes to lithology, coverage, penetration, and management of reaction products. These themes remain a focus for stimulation engineers.
  • A step change is noticeable in the quality of papers from the previous 2 years. First, the papers have better technical content; second, they are pushing the boundaries of currently accepted technologies and mores.
  • A few technology trends are becoming apparent. There is a move to gravel pack longer and longer horizontal sections. It is now possible to pack more than 7,000 ft with zonal isolation. Through-tubing sand-control remediation continues to evolve. Sand consolidation is moving toward nanoparticles, with a promise of better regained permeability. Further strides have been…
  • Sand control has evolved over the years; however, the fundamentals of screen sizing have not changed. Particle-size distribution remains the basis for most designs. Laser diffraction has provided better definition of fines, and greater focus is placed now on particle-shape characterization.