Jeffrey Gagnon photo

Jeffrey Gagnon

Subject-Matter Expert, Transient Well Testing ExxonMobil

Jeffrey Gagnon, SPE, is a subject-matter expert of transient well testing at ExxonMobil. He and his team oversee ExxonMobil’s worldwide exploration and appraisal testing (including design and planning, onsite operations supervision, and data interpretation and integration) while supporting pressure transient analysis for producing assets. Gagnon has co-authored SPE manuscripts regarding reservoir characterization and simulation. He holds MS and ME degrees in petroleum engineering from Robert Gordon University and Texas A&M University, respectively, and an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from the University of New Hampshire. Gagnon is a member of the JPT Editorial Review Board and can be reached at

  • Well testing has enjoyed a recent uptick in activity and interest as operators continually realize the value in understanding and monitoring the dynamic performance of their reservoirs.
  • This month’s papers highlight ongoing developments within the well testing discipline and important reminders about how to properly use dynamic data. The application of these well testing fundamentals to a nascent carbon storage market is still evolving.