Jyotsna Asarpota photo

Jyotsna Asarpota

Senior Consultant Halliburton

Jyotsna Asarpota, SPE, is a senior consultant for Halliburton and leads projects to integrate subsurface reservoir models with surface networks, analyzing capacity and identifying bottlenecks. She has also worked on digital transformation strategies and real-time well optimization using advanced automation. Asarpota holds an MS degree in oil and gas engineering from Robert Gordon University and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. She has published several papers on well integrity and fluid and integrated capacity modeling. Asarpota is an active SPE volunteer and has contributed to various conferences and exhibitions as a member of steering and program committees. She is a member of the JPT Editorial Review Board.

  • Digital data acquisition has revolutionized the oil and gas industry. Recent trends have seen a significant shift toward the use of legacy data, the integration of various sources of data, and the application of machine-learning techniques, creating a more dynamic and data-driven landscape.
  • Gaining insights from digital data in the highly technical exploration and production industry requires experience, knowledge, and awareness about the acquisition of the data. The technologies presented here aim to facilitate the decision-making process while requiring less time and lower costs without sacrificing the accuracy of the data and still decreasing the prob…