Kamel Bou-Hamdan

Assistant Professor Beirut Arab University

Kamel Bou-Hamdan is an assistant professor in the chemical and petroleum engineering department at Beirut Arab University. He holds a PhD degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Aberdeen, UK. His research interests include the role of hydraulic fracturing design on the enhancement of well productivity, implications of geomechanics on the success of drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations, efficiency of enhanced recovery methods, and environmental impacts of well stimulation techniques. Bou-Hamdan holds an MSc in petroleum engineering from Heriot-Watt University and a BE in electrical power and control engineering from Beirut Arab University. He is an active volunteer of SPE and has been a judge for the SPE student chapter award in 2017 and the SPE section award in 2019. Bou-Hamdan is a member of the TWA editorial committee.