Mariela Araujo photo

Mariela Araujo

Principal Science Expert Shell Global Solutions

Mariela Araujo, SPE, is a principal science expert at Shell Global Solutions, currently in the role of commercial innovation partnerships manager. Before taking this role, she held roles in technology development for production optimization, reservoir management, and subsurface integration. Araujo holds BS and PhD degrees in physics and has been working in the industry as a reservoir engineer with a focus on a variety of technology areas covering applications from the laboratory to the field. She is passionate about data integration, subsurface modeling, and optimization, and has worked for oil and gas projects in Venezuela, the UK, the US, Canada, and Jordan. Currently, Araujo is supporting several technology programs, including asset management and offshore technologies, CO2 abatement, and electrification initiatives.

  • During the past 3 years, over half a million patents were granted for production monitoring. This progress has led to a shift toward integrated work flows, cloud-based platforms, resilient sensors, process simplification, and automation.
  • New sensors and innovative uses of existing technology are allowing access to a variety of data that can be incorporated into integrated work flows and modeling tools for better understanding of the production system. There are initial signs of operations moving toward the use of real-time models.