Michael Romer photo

Michael C. Romer

Principal Artificial Lift Engineer ExxonMobil
  • Paper SPE 213089 describes an artificial lift selection tool for unconventional reservoirs driven by reduced-physics models. Paper SPE 213975 extols the value of gas lift downsizing by optimizing the selection and placement of Venturi, orifice, and dummy valves. And Paper SPE 214361 explains how electrical submersible pumps could become electrical submersible generato…
  • Artificial lift has long been thriving in the exciting innovation zone that the electronics industry is only now approaching. Just when you think the artificial lift community knows everything, people find new ways to turn old maxims on their head. The selections this month are true paradigm-changers.
  • Do you know how many of your organization’s wells are artificially lifted? Or, more importantly, do you know what fraction of your production volumes are dependent on artificial lift? I would wager that the percentages are higher than you would expect, and I encourage you to seek out that information and share it.