Pierre Ramondenc photo

Pierre Ramondenc

Coiled Tubing Domain Head SLB

Pierre Ramondenc, SPE, is the coiled tubing domain head at SLB, with more than 15 years of oilfield experience. He is responsible for the creation and implementation of new work flows, technical training programs, tools, and the digital architecture of coiled tubing services and several production-enhancement initiatives. Ramondenc has authored more than 50 technical papers and patent applications related to those topics. He holds MS and PhD degrees in civil and environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Ramondenc served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer in 2017–18, is a technical committee member of the SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition, and is a member of the JPT Editorial Review Board.

  • Coiled tubing has a key role to play, with strong arguments for itself: It is used throughout the life of a well, from exploration to abandonment, and its flexibility of use, combined with recent technology developments in pipe materials, real-time downhole telemetry, and specialized downhole tools—just to name a few—opens avenues to perform in a rigless manner many o…