Shouxiang (Mark) Ma

Senior Consultant Saudi Aramco

Shouxiang Mark Ma, SPE, is a senior petrophysics consultant, mentor, and supervisor of the petrophysical support and study unit with the Reservoir Description Division of Saudi Aramco. He leads a team of petrophysicists responsible for the company’s integrated petrophysics and petrophysical modeling, advanced logging, and special studies. Before joining Saudi Aramco in 2000, Ma worked at Exxon Production Research Company, Wyoming Western Research Institute, New Mexico Petroleum Recovery Research Center, and China Yangtze University. He has authored more than 60 technical papers and holds several patents. Ma serves on the JPT Editorial Committee and was chairperson of the 2012–13 SPE Formation Evaluation Award committee. He holds a BS degree from China Petroleum University and MS and PhD degrees from New Mexico Tech, all in petroleum engineering.