Swamy Margan photo

Swamy Margan

Water Technology Leader Baker Hughes

Swamy Margan, SPE, is water technology leader at Baker Hughes and has more than 28 years of engagement with the water-treatment industry in various roles. He holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Madrasa. Margan has authored and presented papers on water treatment and reuse in multiple platforms over many years. He is a member of the JPT Editorial Review Board and can be reached at swamy.margan@bakerhughes.com.

  • Industrialization typically carries the blame for causing the water crisis across the continents, but it also creates and shepherds the innovation and introduction of a plethora of technologies and tools that enable intelligent use of water, intuitive approaches to conserve it, and implementable practices that preserve the watershed and prolong the life of aquifers.
  • The three papers chosen for publication share different approaches to chemically managing high-salinity produced water through commercially viable approaches. The identification of processes to treat high salinity levels and the approaches to alter and control the process make the papers not only good for discussion but also practical for all players, big and small.