Benchmarking Study Finds Additional Potential of Ultimate Recovery Factor Across Kuwait

The authors present a countrywide benchmarking of ultimate recovery factor for oil reservoirs in Kuwait.

Oil pump at sunset
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A countrywide benchmarking of ultimate recovery factor (URF) for oil reservoirs in Kuwait is presented in the complete paper. The results of this study have been useful in supporting identification of long-term opportunities for the operator and have influenced the creation of conceptual development plans for newly discovered prospects. The study focused on the reservoir complexity index (RCI) method and global analogs to identify development opportunities and improvements to the URF in the brown and green fields of Kuwait.

Approach to Reservoir Benchmarking

The recovery factor of a reservoir is a function of reservoir characteristics such as structural compartmentalization, depositional continuity, reservoir net-to-gross, permeability, fluid type, pressure, and field-development choices such as recovery process, well-completion type, and well spacing. Therefore, to benchmark reservoir performance appropriately, it is important to consider those factors relevant to the reservoir being studied.

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