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Board of Directors Election Results

Following an election for three open positions on the Board of Directors, members have elected our new SPE Board members.

Graphic representation of a Board of Directors' meeting
A-Digit/Getty Images

For only the second time in SPE’s history (the first being 1995), a contested election was held between petition and Board approved candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors, resulting in an election.

The percentage of voting members supporting each candidate is shown below:

Election Results Table

Based on these election results, Robert Martinez, Hamad Al-Marri, and Robin Macmillan will join the Board of Directors in October at ATCE.

Voting was open to all professional members as of August 12, 2022. When the election closed on September 11, 2022, 15.1% of those eligible to vote had cast a vote. SPE made every effort to make members aware of the election and encourage them to vote so that the election would be truly representative of the views of the global membership.

We appreciate those members who took the time to review the candidates’ qualifications and cast their vote. We also appreciate the interest of all candidates for serving the Society through Board service.

The SPE Board will be continuing its work on a new strategic plan for the organization. We are soliciting feedback from members through a survey with open-ended questions that allow you to tell us where you believe we should focus in the coming years. Please take a few minutes to provide us with your feedback.