BW Energy Brings Third Well On Line in the Hibiscus/Ruche Development

Jackup rig Borr Norve has started drilling operations on the project’s fourth production well, DHIBM-6H.

Jackup rig Borr Norve.
Jackup rig Borr Norve.
Source: Borr Drilling.

BW Energy confirmed that production has started from the third well of the Hibiscus/Ruche Phase 1 development in the Dussafu license offshore Gabon. Well performance is in line with expectations with current production at around 6,000 B/D.

The DHIBM-5H well was drilled as a horizontal well from the BW MaBoMo production facility to a total depth of 4245 m into Gamba sandstone reservoir at the Hibiscus field. Following completion, jackup Borr Norve began drilling operations on the fourth production well (DHIBM‑6H).

The drilling campaign targets four Hibiscus Gamba and two Ruche Gamba wells, which are expected to bring total oil production to approximately 40,000 B/D when all wells are completed in early 2024.

The oil produced at Hibiscus/Ruche is transported by pipeline to the BW Adolo FPSO for processing and storage before offloading to export tankers.