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Election to be Held for Three Open Board Positions

Member petition for additional candidates was successful in obtaining endorsement from 1% of membership.

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On June 17th, we announced on JPT the Board approved slate of candidates for open Board positions, including Robert Martinez as Regional Director for North America, Hamad Al-Marri as Production and Facilities Technical Director, and Robin Macmillan as Drilling Technical Director.

As you may be aware, SPE received a petition from SPE member Marc Haci to add three candidates as nominees for those open positions on the Board of Directors. SPE facilitated the collection of signatures for his petition through an online site.

After a simple validation of signatures collected, SPE has determined that all three petition candidates exceeded the threshold number of signatures. 660 member endorsements (1% of the membership) were required for any petition to be successful. Based on these results, an election will be held to determine the representative for these three Board positions.

The successful petition candidates were Marco Thiele as Regional Director for North America, Cem Sarica for Production and Facilities Technical Director, and Marc Haci for Drilling Technical Director.

SPE is hiring a third-party organization to conduct the election to provide assurance of its integrity. The election will begin on or before August 12 and will remain open for 30 days. All members will be notified initially by SPE of the election being open and the voting process; subsequent reminders will come directly from the election company.

The three petitioners were considered as part of the Nominating Committee process. SPE will be posting the information considered by the committee on all 6 candidates – the 3 petitioners and the 3 Board-approved candidates for those roles – including CVs, SPE service history, and responses to a questionnaire for all Board nominees. This will enable members to understand and evaluate for themselves the information available to the Nominating Committee.

SPE trusts that during the election process, all members will behave appropriately, avoiding personal attacks on any of the candidates or on SPE leadership and staff. We are following the process for adding nominees that exists in our Bylaws and facilitating an election based on a successful petition. The candidates who are elected through this process will take office with the other incoming Board members at ATCE 2022.