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Fugro Receives First Professional Certificate To Operate Uncrewed Surface Vessels

The certification course, run by SeaBot XR, focused on critical topics such as mission analysis, situational awareness, cybersecurity, and resource management.

Personnel from Fugro's Middle East office completed the first certification course for maritime autonomous surface systems.
Source: Fugro

Fugro personnel from its Middle East office have completed the world’s first maritime autonomous surface systems (MASS) professional certified training course, delivered by SeaBot XR at its training academy in Southampton, UK.

Fugro calls the certification a milestone in the development of a recognized training program to ensure that qualified marine personnel acquire the skills needed to safely and effectively operate MASS.

“It’s exciting to see this first cohort of MASS professionals complete this phase of training, which lays the foundation for MASS operations,” said Gordon Meadow, the CEO of SeaBot XR. “This is the start of their journey, where trainees will complete additional modules as they advance in the profession.” Meadow added that SeaBot XR plans to continue expanding the training program through 2023.

Fugro and SeaBot XR have been working together on this since 2019. The initial training course, designed for Fugro personnel, adds to the existing skills of mariners to ensure a safe transition from sea to shore.

The focus of the course is on critical topics such as mission analysis, situational awareness, cybersecurity, and resource management. The training is based on experiential learning, where trainees are provided with an in-depth theoretical knowledge before taking a staged approach to the command-and-control process. Candidates are able to apply their newly acquired skills directly to the working environment.

“Whilst remote and autonomous technology will revolutionize the way we conduct business, the continued success of Fugro rests on the skills of our personnel,” said Hannes Swiegers, Fugro’s director of inspection, repair, and maintenance services and remote operations. “By investing in our people and ensuring that long-established industry standards are upheld, Fugro can confidently assure clients and regulators that our high safety and operational standards will remain as we develop our global network of remote operations centers and autonomous vehicles to support the maritime industry for a safe and sustainable world.”