Gas-Detecting Wearable Reduces Injury, Increases Safety

The device allows for increased worker safety by monitoring surroundings and connecting to managers in real time.

Source: Blackline Safety

A new worker safety wearable has entered the market—one that can rapidly detect gas, connect workers to managers, and store data to give a holistic understanding of operational risks.

The new gas detector, developed by Blackline Safety and dubbed G6, was unveiled at the National Safety Council Safety Congress and Expo in San Diego. It is envisioned as a replacement for traditional, disposable, beep-and-flash gas detectors, offering a longer-lasting, data-driven alternative.

“With this new technology, we’re bringing unprecedented levels of connectivity to industrial workplaces,” said Cody Slater, Blackline Safety CEO. “We’re responding to a direct need in the market, giving safety managers higher performing technology to access reliable, actionable data at their fingertips … helping to reduce the risk of injury, boost productivity, and bring proactive safety management to a new level.”

The wearable device features direct-to-cloud cellular connectivity, a single platform to connect and view all devices from a single portal, and GPS mapping to allow managers to quickly locate workers in trouble and understand on-the-ground incidents.

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